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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Usage Instruction Notes


With the growing trends and further understanding of honeycomb activated carbon, more and more clients consider using honeycomb activated carbon replace pellet/columner/extruded activated carbon for VOCs treatment and VOCs removal. Honeycomb activated carbon has the advantages of low wind resistance, large VOCs adsorption volume and high desorption efficiency. More details please contact for honeycomb activated carbon brochure.

Four Factors Affect Honeycomb Activated Carbon Performance


-Harm: Dust adhering to the surface of the activated carbon will block the surface pore size of activated carbon, resulting in a reduction in the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon. In case of serious blockage, the activated carbon will completely lose its adsorption capacity, which will eventually lead to an increase in operation and maintenance costs and substandard exhaust emissions.

-Suggestions: Well designing of pre-pretreatment equipment, select cloth bags and fiber cotton appropriately, and increase the effective interception area of the front end.



-Harm: 1.When the relative humidity is higher than 75%, the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon for VOCs will drop linearly; 2.Activated carbon itself has no nutrients and does not have the conditions for mold reproduction, but the activated carbon in the humid box will be converted into mold nutrient base due to the adsorbed VOCs. Mold grows, and the higher the humidity, the crazier the mold grows, which further aggravates the decline in the adsorption efficiency of activated carbon, leading to the failure of activated carbon adsorption.

-Suggestions: Please make sure to make the structural layout of the wading equipment, effectively remove the water vapor, keep the box dry, pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment to prevent the activated carbon from becoming moldy (it is recommended to check the activated carbon inside the carbon box once a week).


-Harm: 1.When the adsorption temperature of organic waste gas in the activated carbon box is higher than 45 ℃, the adsorption efficiency will be greatly reduced; 2.The ignition point of honeycomb activated carbon is higher than 400 ℃, so it will not burn if it hasn’t adsorb any VOCs and under the ignition point. If the activated carbon adsorbs a substance with low ignition point and the temperature in the activated carbon box reaches its ignition point, the substance will catch fire and ignite the activated carbon.

-Suggestions: It is suggested that the temperature sensing probe should be reasonably arranged to ensure the actual use temperature of the multi-point detection box. The probe must be embedded in the middle of the carbon layer to effectively monitor the real temperature in the middle of the carbon layer, so as to avoid potential safety hazards caused by smoldering and fire caused by too high and unknown temperature in the middle of the carbon layer.


Suggestions: During the desorption process of HANYAN VOCs special honeycomb activated carbon, the optimal temperature shall be controlled at 80-100 ℃, and the desorption time shall reach about 8 hours. The activated carbon box shall be well sealed, with safety measures and thermal insulation, and fire water spray shall be arranged inside the box. It is better for enterprises to install a nitrogen cooling system if possible. When the temperature of the carbon layer is too high, nitrogen will work to cool it. DO NOT immediately let fresh air in at high temperature, which will easy to cause smoldering.

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Adsorption + Desorption Catalytic Oxidizer System

Honeycomb activated carbon is widely used for VOCs removal and VOCs treatment in many industrial areas. But only when you use it correctly, can you maximize honeycomb activated carbon’s strong adsorption capacity. If you have questions or need more suggestions of using honeycomb activated carbon, please leave your message or contact us directly.

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