HYHC-75 Honeycomb Activated Carbon

HANYAN two-step activation honeycomb activated carbon is a new popular kind of activated carbon, which widely used in various VOCs purification systems with low concentration and large air volume. HYHC-75 honeycomb activated carbon can meet CTC75% and iodine value 800mg/g at the same time, with supreme adsorption and desorption capacity, greatly improve the service life and reduce the cost of hazardous waste.

Additional information


No water proof, Water proof



Hole Size

100PSI (25/50/150/200 is available)



Iodine Value


VOCs Adsorption


Adsorption Substance

Toluene, xylene, non-methane total hydrocarbons, etc. Painting exhaust gas, VOCs


Honeycomb activated carbon is a special form of activated carbon, is popular and widely used in waste gas treatment and air purification filter. HANYAN honeycomb activated carbon uses qualified mixed activated carbon powder as raw material, processing formed after high temperature activation. Different from traditional production process, HANYAN use self-developed formula, patented two-step activation technology, to achieve larger VOCs adsorption volume and high desorption efficiency.

It has relatively large contact area, developed microporous structure, high adsorption capacity, the biggest characteristic of it is small wind resistance. It is usually used for exhausting gas in factories, deodorization of spray-paint room and other areas of the environmental protection.

At present, HANYAN owns 2 invention patents and 2 high-tech products of honeycomb activated carbon. So far, HANYAN honeycomb activated carbon specialized for VOCs treatment has won the honor of Guangdong Province High-tech product.

Detailed Specifications

Model HYHC-75 Brand HANYAN
Dimension 100*100*100(±3)mm Attribute Water proof, No water proof
CPSI 100 (25/50/150/200 is available) Filling density 200±50kg/m³
Carbon tetrachloride adsorption/ CTC 70-80% Iodine value ≥800mg/g
Specific surface area ≥1000m²/g VOCs adsorption volume ≈150kg/m³
Wall thickness 0.5-1mm Compressive strength Positive pressure≥0.9Mpa;
Side pressure≥0.3Mpa
Pressure drop ≤490Pa
(Carbon bed thickness 600mm, Wind speed 0.8m/s)
Adsorption substance Toluene, xylene, non-methane total hydrocarbons, etc.
Painting exhaust gas, VOCs


VOCs honeycomb activated carbon
Catalytic Combustion Equipment
gas adsorption equipment new


Packing Details

  • 20’GP: 72 cartons/pallet, totally 10 pallets, 12960pcs;
  • 40’HQ: 81 cartons/pallet, totally 22 pallets, 32076pcs.
  • honeycomb activated carbon delivery
  • Delivered should be packed with customized wooden case for protection.
  •  plywood case

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