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Why Choose Air Filtration Media Made In China?


HANYAN’s patented filter media, proudly manufactured at our factory in Fujian, offers comprehensive solutions to protect your facilities from harmful air pollutants. These pollutants will shorten equipment lifespan, cause non-compliant emissions, or harm your health. This blog post will explore the benefits of HANYAN’s air filtration systems and their impact on various industrial applications.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to HANYAN Filtration Media
  2. The Advantages of HANYAN’s China-Made Air Filtration
    • Custom Testing Equipment
    • Quality Assurance
    • Continuous Laboratory Support
    • Focus on Research and Innovation
  3. Comprehensive Air Purification Support
  4. Custom Production Services
  5. Conclusion

Introduction to HANYAN Filtration Media

HANYAN filter media occupies 24.5% of the filtration market share and is used worldwide to protect critical environments, all manufactured in China. China is the largest market for Honeycomb Activated Carbon filtration media, with a market share of around 49%, followed by Japan and North America, with a market share of 20% and 21% respectively (cr. Valuates Reports). Let’s explore some of the advantages of HANYAN’s China-made filter media and other valuable air cleaning products.

The Advantages of HANYAN’s China-Made Air Filtration

Custom Testing Equipment

HANYAN possesses the capability to research and customize special testing equipment. According to the client’s specific gas adsorption requirements, we design custom testing equipment whose capabilities and standards rival those of third-party testing institutions. When you collaborate with us, you receive reliable results both now and in the years to come.

Quality Assurance

As a manufacturer, we ensure quality from the source, unlike middle man. We select and control raw media materials to ensure consistent performance. Each batch of products undergoes quality testing during production, packaging, and before delivery to clients.

Continuous Laboratory Support

Our team diligently works in on-site laboratories to ensure all filter media meets expected performance standards. We also offer free media life analysis to notify you when it is time to replace the media, ensuring ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.

Focus on Research and Innovation

Since our inception, HANYAN has been dedicated to innovating the gas-phase filtration industry. Our independent factory in Fujian focuses on research and innovation, achieving breakthroughs in adsorption efficiency and market bottlenecks to make the world safer and healthier. HANYAN has successfully developed and manufactured honeycomb activated carbon with H2S breakthrough efficiency exceeding 100%. Contact us for the latest updates on our products.

Comprehensive Air Purification Support

HANYAN’s clean air support extends beyond filter media production. Our Nansha factory offers:

  • FREE CONSULT GUIDELINES: Comprehensive analysis of your air purification needs to provide tailored solutions.
  • MEDIA DESIGN: Unique filter media solutions designed and rigorously tested to meet your specific requirements.
  • HANYAN GRIDFILTER: Customizable filters providing enhanced performance and energy savings for various indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Production Services

We continue to serve numerous clients facing challenges specific to their industries. Our common goal is to tailor solutions to their unique situations. From industrial exhaust treatment, indoor air purification, to data center corrosion and heritage protection, we help you protect valuable assets and capital in both the short and long term.


HANYAN’s products are made in China but utilized globally. Contact us now to start designing an air purification plan to support your facilities.

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